2-3 months depending on how well aftercare instructions were followed within the first 24 hours after the treatment. 

It is a natural lift for your lashes made with keratin proteins which add strength to your natural lashes. 

about an hour. Eyes must remain closed the entire time, so we recommend bringing EarPods if that relaxes you. (We usually take the time to talk and share but that's totally up to you!) Please remove contacts prior, please arrive wearing no makeup especially around the eyes and lashes must be clean and bare. 

We recommend between 3-4 weeks for body service and 2-3 weeks for facial services. There should be no shaving, tweezing, or any other forms of hair removal during that time period.

A bikini line is 2 fingers on the sides and 2 fingers up top. A bikini full is the entire front of the bikini area. A Brazilian is the entire front bikini area and the butt strip.

yes we do!!!! We offer full arms, full back, full chest, full stomach, brows, nose, ears, lower legs, and underarms. We DO NOT offer any mens services below the waist. 

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